Exciting Engagement at PizzaExpress

One of our favourite MePlease places is PizzaExpress!  We’ve been working with the PizzaExpress in Richmond for over 6 months now and have been able to subscribe and continually engage 1000+ customers there using MePlease’s integrated one-to-one mobile and social web platform.

Every customer who joins MePlease at the PizzaExpress in Richmond receives an instant treat of free dough balls or gelato with their meal once they opt in and show their text to their wait staff. In-store table talkers promoting this instant treat have helped drive the significant and continual engagement we’ve seen there.  Other valuable and exciting treats sent out to subscribers every couple of weeks have included: two-for-ones, free glasses of wine or beer, exclusive meal deals and most recently an invite to a tasting event with their Head Chef.

On August 3rd, the Head Chef at PizzaExpress, Antonio Romani went to the Richmond restaurant to host a cooking class and hand out free samples of his new menu recipes.

PizzaExpress wanted to use their large MePlease Richmond community to a select and reward a group of  their valuable customers with this exclusive experience.

A week before the event, we sent out an exciting interactive text promoting the upcoming event to the PizzaExpress subscribers encouraging them to text-in for the chance to attend the event with a friend.

Within 15 minutes of the send we saw a redemption rate of over 10%!

This type of response highlights MePlease’s powerful ability to send timely treats that can trigger quick and immediate responses as well as achieve response and conversion rates much higher than other forms of media.

If you’d like to hear more about this exciting MePlease business experience or get your company involved with our platform just email cait@meplease.com or send us a mention on Twitter.

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