MePlease Makes Some Noise!

We’ve had some really exciting news coverage in the past two weeks here at MePlease.  Between our official national launch announcement partnered with PizzaExpress and their upcoming ‘Create Your Pizza‘ voting campaign, along with the news of our Bella Italia and Cineworld cross promotion that is currently going on, we’ve definitely managed to make some noise! Incase you missed any of it, we’ve put together some brief highlights for your viewing pleasure below.

One of our most recent mentions was written by Cian, the Chief Reporter at GoMo News.  Cian’s article titled: ‘Restaurants and cinemas link up through SMS and mobile web marketing’ highlights the current campaign dynamics of our mobile social cross promotion with Tragus Group and Cineworld, which is currently running and available until the end of October.  Customers can treat themselves to 2-4-1 meals at select Bella Italia’s across the UK, along with 2-4-£11 Cineworld tickets after they enjoy their meal, using the MePlease platform.

Cian also made a point to give his tried and trusted opinion on our mobile social platform…

“A recurring motif I encounter in mobile marketing is that over-reliance on high-tech can be a serious weakness. If you don’t include SMS options, you’re missing out on the largest chunk of the mobile audience. At the same time, the number of mobile web users and mobile social networkers is steadily growing – so you can’t ignore them either. This is one of the smoothest integrations of both that I’ve seen in a mobile marketing campaign. The nuts and bolts of the campaign are run through SMS, but by including clickable links within the SMS it activates the smartphone using audience as well. Smart!”

Thanks Cian!  Also, for details and valid locations on the cross promotion, you can text ‘bella all’ to 63757.

We are ecstatic to be one of the select UK startups to be featured in the Guardian Elevator Pitch.  You can check out the full article for the exclusive interview with our CEO, Steve Jarrett for insight into some of the our greatest achievements to date as well as some of the day-to-day challenges of being a startup in the UK mobile space.

Mobile Marketing Magazine was also kind enough to feature us in their daily news round up regarding our launch and the upcoming interactive voting campaign with PizzaExpress. Click here for the full version of David Murphy’s story on MePlease .

For all tech savvy addicts, TechCrunch is the must visit for daily news and insider tips.  We snagged a great article by Steve O’Hear in TechCrunch on our launch announcement day.  Don’t forget to check out the full write-up titled: ‘MePlease delivers its mobile social media marketing solution to PizzaExpress’ for more information regarding our launch with PizzaExpress and our cu rrent success in their Richmond restaurant.

PS: Voting for the finals of the PizzaExpress ‘Create Your Pizza’ challenge opens this Monday, October 18th. So, check back with us then for details on how you can cast your vote for what pizza should be on the menu next & snag a free surprise treat whilst you’re at it…

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