Sarries Fan Wins £250K during Domino’s Crossbar Challenge using MePlease!

On Boxing Day, Wembley Stadium was full of Saracens fans excited to watch Gavin Henson’s return and a big win over the London Wasps.

At the beginning of the match, fans were prompted to text in for the chance to participate in the Domino’s Crossbar Challenge during half time using MePlease.  Three lucky fans were chosen via our platform and given one attempt from 30m to hit the crossbar with a kick out of hand.

Out of the three attempts, Saracens fan Matthew Rouse hit the crossbar and walked home from Wembley with £250,000!

Rouse says, “I joked to the family before I left for the game that I’d enter the competition and try to come home with the cheque, but this is like a dream. I’ve no idea what we will spend the money on…my wife will decide that, but we certainly will be looking to have a fantastic holiday with the children. It’s been a special day and one I will never forget.”

Matthew also got to meet the team at the end of the match, including Strictly Come Dancing star Gavin Henson, who congratulated him on his big win that day.

Congratulations Matthew!  We’re really proud and excited to see that the MePlease platform continues to enable the Saracens to truly engage their fans in a way like no other.

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One thought on “Sarries Fan Wins £250K during Domino’s Crossbar Challenge using MePlease!

  1. Al says:

    I was at the game and saw this- great achievement! loved watching it!! was the most exciting part of my wembley expierance !! just wish it was me who they called up 🙂

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