Businesses must adapt

People are engaging with their mobiles more than ever before and this growth doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon.  For each of the 4 billion mobile phone users on this planet, an average of 2.7 hours is spent per day socializing on their mobiles.  According to recent projective research, it is predicted that by year 2014 mobile internet should overtake desktop internet usage.  No wonder Silicon Valley venture capitalists are betting on a new generation of companies that hope to unchain social networking from personal computers – and shift it to mobile phones.

What exactly are people doing on their mobile phones? And why should businesses care?

Consumers spend at least 50% of their mobile use time interacting with brands and products through games, searches, and social networking.  This generation of users is all about sharing the most recent news, products and brands, events, discounts, and viral campaigns.  Not only that, people are following ‘friends’ activities and profiles to receive the latest information or recommendation.

Mobile technology companies are now working with businesses in developing and building experiences to more personal in nature, and the possibilities are unlimited. The phrase ‘relationship marketing’ can now be taken to another level as customers are only a text message or click away. 67% of businesses are using social media to engage and interact with their customers, that number is even higher for B2B at 81%. All types of businesses, brands and products can receive more attention than before by having a successful mobile social media strategy in place.

The most popular online sites that your brand name may already appear on are: Facebook, StumbleUpon, YouTube and Twitter.  Now, not only can brands communicate directly to consumers, they are able to ‘follow’ them as well. If planned and executed properly, businesses are tapping into very powerful direct marketing. In fact, businesses can track their customers and the sharing journey of their marketing efforts through MePlease’s socialcasting platform.

Why wouldn’t you want to access and target the 200m mobile actives on Facebook? With socialcasting you can find and engage with your active sharers and influencers for your brand and products on the web each time they click a link shared by you. With these sharers on your side, spreading the message on your brands will be a bit more effortless.

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