Mobiles: The New Sought After Real Estate

On the recent episode of The Apprentice Series 7, the apprentice candidates were given a challenge to create a mobile application. First they were given expert advice from Jon Claydon, ” …this (mobile) is a real sought after piece of real estate, this screen. (It) can be your shop window, you can advertise, you can build brands, you can build revenues. Business-wise, right now, this is where it’s at.”

We couldn’t agree more. Today, one in three searches on mobile is local. After searching for a business: 61% call the business, 59% visit the business; 88% take action the same day.

mCommerce (mobile commerce) is the future and happening today. It is the 7th major media innovation after the television, that is going to transform our day-to-day lives.

If you’re a small business, don’t panic. There are small steps you can do to get a piece of this ‘real estate’ and take advantage of the change in the way business is done. Steve Jarrett, MePlease CEO, says the very first thing you should do as a small business is to create a presence on Facebook Pages, Facebook Places and Google Places. This will help small business be part of the new ‘business directory’ – online.  As you may know, potential customers today are not just the locals in your neighbourhood but are people from all over your country and world.

Steve Jarrett, who hails from Silicon Valley, also suggests that your website is mobile friendly – meaning that what consumers see on their phones is optimised for their screen and device and functions properly.  Lastly, “think about running campaigns that leverage Facebook to make your messages go further”.  For a small business these few steps are a low-cost and effective way to ensure you are not losing out… or as Lord Sugar would say ‘you’re fired’.

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