Ten Ways to Use MePlease Part 1

What if every one of your marketing campaigns and messages could be the start of a customer journey? What if customers could instantly opt-in to your CRM system whilst in-store? What if every one of your pleasing brand moments could be easily shared? The challenge for marketers today is that channels such as Twitter and Facebook and products such as mobile apps are valuable, but not cohesive. There is no single way to connect all these important pieces of a marketing strategy together and deliver great journeys to every customer, no matter what device they are on. MePlease provides the missing links in digital and social media marketing to solve this very problem. Our smart links have been developed to cross the physical and digital divide and deliver great customer journeys right when customers are most likely to engage, i.e.: when seeing one of your ads, while making a purchasing decision or whilst at one of your physical locations. As you are doing your marketing planning this autumn, keep in mind the following ten great ways to integrate MePlease links into your campaigns to increase your ROI and deliver great brand experiences to your customers on any device. We’ll be posting tips everyday, so come back often to read the latest.


1. Text Campaigns Include MePlease links in SMS text campaigns and give your customers a great brand experience on any device and the ability to easily share your message through social media channels. We can track the success of your text campaigns and help you identify your campaign champions. Customers such as British Airways have used our links in SMS-based donation campaigns to spread the word about charities such as Comic Relief and saw an increased reach of around 25%.

2. Any Campaign with a QR Code Today customers frequently have a bad brand experience  on their mobile when they snap QR codes and are driven to content that doesn’t work on their device. Make sure all your campaigns with QR codes include MePlease links and you will guarantee a great customer journey on any device and, of course, the built-in seamless social media sharing and tracking that can increase the virality of your messages in one click. Right Guard used MePlease links to drive Facebook Likes at one of their Off-Guard Gigs.

QR Code for Bestival Promo



3. In-Location Promotions One of the best ways to use MePlease links is to engage customers when they are in your locations, at your concerts, or maybe thinking about buying your products. MePlease links seamlessly connect the physical and digital worlds so customers can easily opt-in on any device to join your mailing list, enter competitions, Like you on Facebook Belushi’s is using MePlease Join to get Freshers to opt into their VIP list.

Come back tomorrow for more ways and examples of how MePlease can add value to your digital marketing strategy and campaigns.

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