Evri and MePlease say ‘Game on!’

We’re really excited to announce Evri, the realtime discovery engine, as one of MePlease’s newest U.S. partners.

Evri recently launched a mobile app called SportStream Football for iPhone and Android, which provides fans with realtime updates and in-game commentary for their favorite NFL football teams.  SportStream takes fans normal TV viewing experience and makes it highly interactive and engaging by delivering realtime news content from thousands of sources and integrating personalized and dynamic information from fans’ social feeds into their app.  

Evri is enabling fans to live tweet and Facebook share game highlights as they happen via MePlease’s AppMagnet links. By using our technology within the app, any fan who clicks through on a share or tweet will get an optimized experience from any device.  This enables all football fans to have a branded and relevant experience on their device, whenever they interact with SportStream social sharing content.

In case you didn’t know, MePlease’s AppMagnet is a product that attracts customers and delivers them a great experience on any phone. AppMagnet smart links identify more than 6,500 mobile devices and tablets, and direct each one to the correct mobile app.  The product also has social sharing features, so the word of mouth about any mobile app can spread virally more quickly.

If you want anymore information about AppMagnet or other MePlease products just email cait@meplease.com or tweet to us on @me_please.

Happy football season, America… and don’t forget to get your game on using Evri’s SportStream app this football season!

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