Social Sharing Rates Highest Ever in 2011

Sharing content is becoming a way of life.  According to Sarah Wood, the founder of Unruly Media, sharing content is now much more popular than last year; “There was a 20% increase in the number of views the top 20 ads, but a fivefold increase in the number of shares to 25 million.” At the top of the best viral campaigns in 2011 is Deutsch USA’s ‘The Force’ ad for Volkswagen which was shared by 4.8 million people. Sixth on the list with 1.14 million views, was a campaign that used our mobile social technology to track influencers.

So by our analysis of these stats, about 10% of the people viewing these top viral ads shared them with friends. To us, it’s clear that social media sharing is becoming a way of life.

What surprised us most lately, was when we compared the stats from the top 20 ads, we noticed we had achieved a 20% mobile sharing rate since we launched our latest campaign with Strada restaurants.

Strada is using the MePlease platform to register consumers into a new VIP Club, where they can gain loyalty rewards and share their experience with friends. The core goal of the MePlease partnership is to help Strada identify loyal customers and reward them, as well as acquire new customers through social media sharing.

We have always believed that allowing people to engage with brands in the moment and from any device would lead to much higher sharing rates and the Strada VIP programme is evidence that all brands should be thinking about making their campaigns mobile and social.

But sharing is just the beginning. Like Facebook Likes, shares are only as good as what you do with them. Our unique tracking technology allows brands to identify their best ambassadors and reward them. We call this shift next generation loyalty because it will allow brands to identify and reward their customers in new and valuable ways.

Our prediction for 2012 is that the mobile social convergence is going to hockey-stick so ignore it at your perill.

For more details about the top viral ad campaigns of 2011 check out:

For more details about our 20% share rates and VIP programme launch with Strada, check out the press release:


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