Attract Young Shoppers With Mobile Loyalty Schemes

Brand owners in the UK should consider using loyalty programmes as a way to engage young consumers, results from a new study from Marketing Week suggest. Out of 1000 adults, 100% respondents had joined at least one loyalty scheme in the past.

Younger participants more generally believed these programmes made them “feel closer” to brands, and 62% of 18-34 year wanted more loyalty schemes to be available. Just 37% of 55-64 year olds said the same. Securing rewards and making savings were the main reasons to take part in loyalty initiatives, but 29% of the panel cited being “part of a community” and 24% liked helping the firm in question.

A further 22% of contributors mentioned receiving exclusive updates and information, and 16% thought showing their affiliations in this way “says something about me”.

MePlease predicts that 2012 will be the year of loyalty and mobile. With our recent new partnerships using our Join Product, MePlease is able to help brands opt-in consumers into CRM systems from any device. Most importantly, brands such as Strada are able to identify customers on an individual level and extract data that will help build a strategy to encourage loyalty, frequency and ongoing-engagement. So far, Strada has an opt-in growth rate of 22% per week for their VIP program and a 20% sharing rate via social media.

In the UK and US, retailers are beginning to integrate mobile into marketing strategies, the next big step is to keep the customers coming back through mobile loyalty and VIP programs.

Steve Jarrett, founder of MePlease recently gave an interview on mobile, social, and loyalty for M & C Report Magazine – leading publication for the UK Retail and Leisure sector. You can read the article here.

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