What MePlease clients are discovering by using MePlease smartlinks: Transparency, Less waste and Increased ROI

One of the fundamental elements of our technology is right on for the current times but for any good business should be applied at all times.

In an age of austerity, recycling and a return of “waste not want not”, our MePlease links are very on trend. These little blighters are short just like bitly links (in their world smaller is better) and are a hell of a lot smarter. They are also very flexible and happy with any sort of accommodation. They are just at home in a Tweet as on Facey- B. Each and every one is also utterly unique which is probably why they have the confidence to not be show offs, they can be hidden away embedded in a button or QR code and with each click are quite happy to take no glory for all the clever stuff they get up to. They must be happiest on Facey- B though, as in this extra comfy environment they have another trick up their sleeve, which is that they reproduce. Unfortunately for them this is a solo activity but they do have a permanent bond with their offspring who are also utterly unique.

MePlease links are servants to both the business and the end user. They tie together a campaign or loyalty programme to ensure smooth experiences so that the customer is left neither shaken nor stirred. Users are delivered the right experience whatever device they are using: desktop, laptop, dumbphone or smartphone. Currently many of even the most savvy of businesses are using options such as this:

If there was a MePlease link being used then there need only be one QR code as it would recognise the device and send the user to the correct App store. We call this use of our links “AppMagnet”.

MePlease links and skill set come into its own when being used in an interactive, multi media campaign that has a propensity to be shared.

For example if Obama sees a poster of a business he likes, say some cool content about a flight to Uranus, he texts the number and receives a MePlease link back on his Blackberry. He clicks this and gets sent to a fun game and the option to sign up for a promotion to visit the Uranus exhibition. He signs up and is sent a unique redemption code. He is pretty enthused by this interaction so he shares it on Facebook. His Facebook friend, Mitt, sees this and clicks Obama’s share. Mitt is using an iPad, he interacts and also shares. Mitt’s buddies Newt, Rick and Rick click too, they are on a desktop, Nokia and HTC.

The MePlease links have been busy in this instance. They have given Obama and all his mates a great experience. But what has Luxury Uranus Vacations (LUV) learnt?

LUV now knows far more about the effectiveness of their above the line campaign. They have reduced what they knew would be a 50% wastage on their marketing spend, (they had always know this was inevitable and would loved to have prevented it but couldn’t work out which half had been wasted).

The MePlease links return data that brings to the surface every interaction that occurs in the ongoing engagement of the campaign. No disappearing into the ether of the digital world. MePlease reports back to LUV each click and identifies each user as they sign up via Facebook Connect or filling out forms. When the link is shared and clicked a new one is generated for that new user. Each link is bonded to the next so a tree of influence is built.

Now LUV can see that Obama likes the campaign and that he influenced Mitt. But LUV is delighted to identify Mitt as he influenced three more potential customers. LUV loves the transparency the MePlease links have provided. They are delighted that users did not fall away because they had a dud experience using the “wrong” device (what a waste) and that they have had far better return on their investment.

LUV have always had a loyalty approach to their business and have also expanded their holiday destinations to other planets. They also know that by using MePlease and their links they can be extra loyal to their customers. Mitt has signed up to “Loving LUV”, LUV’s loyalty programme. MePlease links tie all the possible clicks and shares together so LUV can learn more about Mitt’s behaviour when he is interacting with them.

MePlease technology allows the loyalty programme to live comfortably on desktop, mobile and within social media. Which is where Mitt lives his digital life, the MePlease links tie them altogether. MePlease provides richer data to LUV as every click and share within the loyalty programme is reported. That way LUV can offer personalised, relevant and timely offers and make Mitt feel loved in the real world too.

Perhaps it is unfair to call bitly links dumb but iPhones aren’t SMARTER- phones they’re SMARTphones which kind of implies that what came before is dumb or at least plain average. And who wants that when they can have clever?

Inter- planetary holidays may be next generation but MePlease Next Generation Loyalty is available now.

MePlease links

  • Are short
  • Unique
  • Tracked
  • Generate new links with each share through Facebook
  • Recognise the device they are being clicked on to send to the appropriate experience
  • Can be redirected at any time

MePlease links can be embedded anywhere a normal link lives eg SMS text message, Email, QR code, Facebook, Twitter, NFC, MVS

Find out more at meplease.com

Copyright: Benjamin Abbott, a MePleaser

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