MePlease Comes to Silicon Valley Comes to the UK

Over at MePlease headquarters we’ve been even busier than usual by volunteering for Silicon Valley Comes to the UK. For those of you who are scratching their heads in confusion, SVC2UK is a not-for-profit, volunteer led series of events which are aimed at promoting business relationships between Silicon Valley and the UK and inspiring young people to recognise the value of entrepreneurship. Essentially, it celebrates something which is pretty near and dear to our hearts at MePlease so we just had to get involved!


For a fresh-faced intern like me, volunteering at SVC2UK was an eye-opening experience. One day, we’d be heading to Parliament to interview some MPs, the next popping up to Cambridge to film some seriously impressive CEOs, and then getting ready for the Jobs Fair. It was certainly a hectic and whirlwind experience but one that was extremely gratifying.


Sherry Coutu, member of MePlease Advisory Board

Sherry Coutu, member of MePlease Advisory Board speaking at SVC2UK

Amidst being star struck by the various entrepreneurs and furious typing of e-mails to other SVC2UK volunteers, as a volunteer it was sometimes easy to forget the real message of SVC2UK. That’s why, for me, assisting with one of the school talks that SVC2UK had organised was so inspiring. This particular talk was for sixth form students at an all-girls comprehensive in North London. There were four speakers in all: Ayah Bdeir, Sam Chaudhary, Alice Rathjen, and Joy Foster. Watching the reactions of the girls to their speeches which urged them to be creative, to work hard, and to never lose sight of their passion was really quite inspirational. They all seemed so engaged and excited about all these new possibilities that they hadn’t considered before. As a young woman myself, it was such a refreshing thing to see and I left that event proud of what everyone at SVC2UK had achieved already.


The SVC2UK Jobs Fair in Cambridge was another event which the Meplease team attended, armed with an awesome PowerPoint presentation and our winning smiles. While, at first, running after complete strangers to tell them how amazing your company is can be a little daunting, I got the hang of it. I may have even have gotten a little too zealous about how much I love interning with MePlease… Some people looked slightly alarmed by the crazed intern raving about the incredible experience, lovely team, rewarding work, Russell’s delicious baked treats… Oops, I’m doing it again.

Words by Sophie Mullen, Marketing intern at MePlease


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