Our Testimonials

Investors and advisors:

“I think mobile and social is a major marketing innovation and MePlease is clearly the UK leader in this space.”

Giles Thorley, Former Punch Taverns CEO and MePlease Investor

“The MePlease platform is a notable achievement: 100% availability, built for massive scaling, supports any mobile phone and connects seamlessly to Facebook. MePlease offers any business a way to become a mobile phenomenon”

Lee Mighdoll, Founder Liquid Logic. Previously CTO of Digiting, VP of Engineering and Operations at Twitter

“Only a few times in a generation do you find a brand new company that has this kind of vision, this kind of engineering and marketing expertise and a list of advisors and seed investors that reads like a who’s who’s of technology innovators. Add a go to market strategy that has none of the traditional mobile barriers to success, and a business model that is totally leveraged on the current mobile and social media explosion, then you have a company worth investing in ….and I did.”

– Chris Wade, Founder, ShoZu and MePlease Chairman

“Meplease has brought together the three essential pieces for business success: vision, team and the ability to deliver. Lucky for us, they are sharing the wealth by enabling their business customers to do the same using MePlease’s results-driven mobile and social web platform.”

Lisa Gansky, Ofoto co-founder, GNN founder, former AOL and Kodak exec.

I love that MePlease integrates facebook with mobile in such a commercial way. This type of deep integration means that businesses can now communicate directly with their customers on their mobile phones and harness the power of ‘word of mouth’ to create long-lasting social epidemics.”

Yaser Martini, MePlease Chief Commercial Officer

“Within today’s dynamic retail environment the emergence of consumer-centric marketing is clear. MePlease facilitates a one-to-one interactive marketing relationship, which is trusted and personal to each customer. No matter what your business type, MePlease is one of the most effective and efficient ways to build sustainable relationships with your customers whilst gaining better return on your marketing spend.”

Richard Wildman, MePlease Founding Investor and Strategic Advisor, former head of Accenture’s European Retail Sector

“Mobile technology will transform the way business connect with their customers. From being a sporadic relationship it evolves into a conversation of trust. MePlease is in a great position to fascilitate this conversation leveraging their broad mobile reach strategy by leveraging the browser and sms. The MePlease team is obsessed by simplification and will innovate to iron out any wrinkles in these conversations.”

Christian Lindholm, Partner & Director at Fjord

Business Partners

“MePlease is the best of the various mobile marketing initiatives we’ve used at Tragus Group. The response and redemption rates we’ve experienced through MePlease are excellent. Most importantly, MePlease’s campaigns have allowed us to identify and reward our loyal customers and influence their purchasing behaviors in an easy, immediate and fun way.”

Jemima Bird, Marketing Director, Tragus Group

“We really believe in what MePlease is all about. Over the next period, social, mobile and relationship management are going to be key channels for brands. MePlease allow us to tie all those together for our clients today.”

Matthew Kershaw, Content Director, Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) 

“We recently used MePlease as an interactive voting platform during our JWunsigned event series. Response rates from this campaign showed that there were actually more votes cast than the total number of attendees at each event. This is just the type of viral response we were looking for. MePlease engaged our target customers and inspired them to take action in a creative, easy and cost effective manner for our business.”

Freddie Wyatt, Digital Marketing Manager, Jack Wills

At MEC we appreciate the fundamental importance of converging mobile and social consumer and brand behaviour-our clients ask us about it daily.  The existing technology can still be very ‘clunky’. MePlease however, solves this problem by enabling easy and accelerated social sharing functionality and capability which is simple and intuitive for customers to use and brands to take advantage of. We love what they do and believe it has far reaching implications across most of our client’s campaigns- at heart it’s a platform service driving a consumer friendly and dynamic process of integrated social comms. More immediately, MePlease is a key factor in RightGuard’s Lovebox Festival campaign – quite simply, this online, offline, real world consumer integration is an essential weapon in the social planning and execution armoury from now on!”

Shane O’Byrne, Social Media Director, MEC Media Agency

“MePlease is enabling the ethos of 1 to 1 consumer marketing to be applied in sectors such as FMCG. These sectors have traditionally been hamstrung by mass reach broadcast media rather than individual customer understanding.”

Mark Palmer, Non Exec Director, Green & Black’s Chocolate

We’re excited to be launching our first mobile campaign using the MePlease platform, especially as it fits our broader mobile strategy to communicate with customers whilst they are out and about. Going to the cinema and eating out are so often combined therefore working with Tragus Group has both common and commercial sense.”

Justin Skinner, VP of Marketing, Cineworld


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