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Social Media is a Place, Not Just a Channel or Strategy

This past week, Alisa Phanchalad wrote an article on Business2Community reminding Marketers that Social Media is a channel, not a strategy. The author emphasized that social media must be integrated with multiple marketing channels as part of a broader strategy. The author went on to say that the more channels you add, the more likely your strategy is to succeed and not fall over, similar to a table and its legs. Alisa has brought up many good points, but we would like to add to her story in order to paint a better picture of where we believe that the future of social media is headed.

Adding more channels just for the sake of doing so will not necessarily increase the success of your marketing. The quality of the channel must be taken into consideration, especially when trying to engage and reach as many members of your target market as possible. Brands need to understand their target market’s media consumption behaviours. Are they 18-25 year-olds who spend hours socialising and shopping via their smartphones and no longer watch television? If so, then an above-the-line television campaign will do nothing to further your marketing efforts. A brand can spend thousands of dollars across multiple channels but may only see results from half of them if they are not carefully chosen. However, it is important to integrate your marketing communications for a synergistic effect.

MePlease believes that social media is soon to be more than just a channel but a place. Unlike traditional media such as TV, Radio, and other ATL, consumers are spending many hours of their lives “living” online on social media platforms and performing a lot of their activities on them as well. Consumers are continually sharing as they shop, research, listen to music, watch movies, and socialize. AMEX has leveraged the fact that many of their customers live on social media by introducing AMEX Sync (Amex Go Social and Link>Like>Love), thereby rewarding customers for their online social behaviour and providing value for merchants. We also really like Shopycat as an example of a social place. It analyzes your Facebook friends’ likes and dislikes and recommends gifts for you to purchase through Wal-Mart’s app on Facebook.


The next evolution we foresee is that social media will become a platform where many relationships are initiated and continue to be built off of one another. A great example would be the partnership between Foursquare and Amex. In recent news, Facebook has talked about offering a bank service, or at least providing banking facilities for customers, and because brands are able to set up online shops right on their own Facebook Pages, these online transactions could be easier than ever. When coupled with the fact that Facebook now provides all users with an @facebook.com email address in addition to their current platform for socializing, gaming, and sharing, Facebook is poised to become a one-stop-shop for all of its users’ online needs. First, brands need to learn that social media is no longer a one-way publishing street, but a place where brands and customers engage and learn about each other.

What do you think readers? Do you have any examples of social media evolving to become places and platforms? Do you agree or disagree? Leave your comments below!

Words by: Griselda Zhou

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What MePlease clients are discovering by using MePlease smartlinks: Transparency, Less waste and Increased ROI

One of the fundamental elements of our technology is right on for the current times but for any good business should be applied at all times.

In an age of austerity, recycling and a return of “waste not want not”, our MePlease links are very on trend. These little blighters are short just like bitly links (in their world smaller is better) and are a hell of a lot smarter. They are also very flexible and happy with any sort of accommodation. They are just at home in a Tweet as on Facey- B. Each and every one is also utterly unique which is probably why they have the confidence to not be show offs, they can be hidden away embedded in a button or QR code and with each click are quite happy to take no glory for all the clever stuff they get up to. They must be happiest on Facey- B though, as in this extra comfy environment they have another trick up their sleeve, which is that they reproduce. Unfortunately for them this is a solo activity but they do have a permanent bond with their offspring who are also utterly unique.

MePlease links are servants to both the business and the end user. They tie together a campaign or loyalty programme to ensure smooth experiences so that the customer is left neither shaken nor stirred. Users are delivered the right experience whatever device they are using: desktop, laptop, dumbphone or smartphone. Currently many of even the most savvy of businesses are using options such as this:

If there was a MePlease link being used then there need only be one QR code as it would recognise the device and send the user to the correct App store. We call this use of our links “AppMagnet”.

MePlease links and skill set come into its own when being used in an interactive, multi media campaign that has a propensity to be shared.

For example if Obama sees a poster of a business he likes, say some cool content about a flight to Uranus, he texts the number and receives a MePlease link back on his Blackberry. He clicks this and gets sent to a fun game and the option to sign up for a promotion to visit the Uranus exhibition. He signs up and is sent a unique redemption code. He is pretty enthused by this interaction so he shares it on Facebook. His Facebook friend, Mitt, sees this and clicks Obama’s share. Mitt is using an iPad, he interacts and also shares. Mitt’s buddies Newt, Rick and Rick click too, they are on a desktop, Nokia and HTC.

The MePlease links have been busy in this instance. They have given Obama and all his mates a great experience. But what has Luxury Uranus Vacations (LUV) learnt?

LUV now knows far more about the effectiveness of their above the line campaign. They have reduced what they knew would be a 50% wastage on their marketing spend, (they had always know this was inevitable and would loved to have prevented it but couldn’t work out which half had been wasted).

The MePlease links return data that brings to the surface every interaction that occurs in the ongoing engagement of the campaign. No disappearing into the ether of the digital world. MePlease reports back to LUV each click and identifies each user as they sign up via Facebook Connect or filling out forms. When the link is shared and clicked a new one is generated for that new user. Each link is bonded to the next so a tree of influence is built.

Now LUV can see that Obama likes the campaign and that he influenced Mitt. But LUV is delighted to identify Mitt as he influenced three more potential customers. LUV loves the transparency the MePlease links have provided. They are delighted that users did not fall away because they had a dud experience using the “wrong” device (what a waste) and that they have had far better return on their investment.

LUV have always had a loyalty approach to their business and have also expanded their holiday destinations to other planets. They also know that by using MePlease and their links they can be extra loyal to their customers. Mitt has signed up to “Loving LUV”, LUV’s loyalty programme. MePlease links tie all the possible clicks and shares together so LUV can learn more about Mitt’s behaviour when he is interacting with them.

MePlease technology allows the loyalty programme to live comfortably on desktop, mobile and within social media. Which is where Mitt lives his digital life, the MePlease links tie them altogether. MePlease provides richer data to LUV as every click and share within the loyalty programme is reported. That way LUV can offer personalised, relevant and timely offers and make Mitt feel loved in the real world too.

Perhaps it is unfair to call bitly links dumb but iPhones aren’t SMARTER- phones they’re SMARTphones which kind of implies that what came before is dumb or at least plain average. And who wants that when they can have clever?

Inter- planetary holidays may be next generation but MePlease Next Generation Loyalty is available now.

MePlease links

  • Are short
  • Unique
  • Tracked
  • Generate new links with each share through Facebook
  • Recognise the device they are being clicked on to send to the appropriate experience
  • Can be redirected at any time

MePlease links can be embedded anywhere a normal link lives eg SMS text message, Email, QR code, Facebook, Twitter, NFC, MVS

Find out more at meplease.com

Copyright: Benjamin Abbott, a MePleaser

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Evri and MePlease say ‘Game on!’

We’re really excited to announce Evri, the realtime discovery engine, as one of MePlease’s newest U.S. partners.

Evri recently launched a mobile app called SportStream Football for iPhone and Android, which provides fans with realtime updates and in-game commentary for their favorite NFL football teams.  SportStream takes fans normal TV viewing experience and makes it highly interactive and engaging by delivering realtime news content from thousands of sources and integrating personalized and dynamic information from fans’ social feeds into their app.  

Evri is enabling fans to live tweet and Facebook share game highlights as they happen via MePlease’s AppMagnet links. By using our technology within the app, any fan who clicks through on a share or tweet will get an optimized experience from any device.  This enables all football fans to have a branded and relevant experience on their device, whenever they interact with SportStream social sharing content.

In case you didn’t know, MePlease’s AppMagnet is a product that attracts customers and delivers them a great experience on any phone. AppMagnet smart links identify more than 6,500 mobile devices and tablets, and direct each one to the correct mobile app.  The product also has social sharing features, so the word of mouth about any mobile app can spread virally more quickly.

If you want anymore information about AppMagnet or other MePlease products just email cait@meplease.com or tweet to us on @me_please.

Happy football season, America… and don’t forget to get your game on using Evri’s SportStream app this football season!

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Ten Ways to Use MePlease Part 1

What if every one of your marketing campaigns and messages could be the start of a customer journey? What if customers could instantly opt-in to your CRM system whilst in-store? What if every one of your pleasing brand moments could be easily shared? The challenge for marketers today is that channels such as Twitter and Facebook and products such as mobile apps are valuable, but not cohesive. There is no single way to connect all these important pieces of a marketing strategy together and deliver great journeys to every customer, no matter what device they are on. MePlease provides the missing links in digital and social media marketing to solve this very problem. Our smart links have been developed to cross the physical and digital divide and deliver great customer journeys right when customers are most likely to engage, i.e.: when seeing one of your ads, while making a purchasing decision or whilst at one of your physical locations. As you are doing your marketing planning this autumn, keep in mind the following ten great ways to integrate MePlease links into your campaigns to increase your ROI and deliver great brand experiences to your customers on any device. We’ll be posting tips everyday, so come back often to read the latest.


1. Text Campaigns Include MePlease links in SMS text campaigns and give your customers a great brand experience on any device and the ability to easily share your message through social media channels. We can track the success of your text campaigns and help you identify your campaign champions. Customers such as British Airways have used our links in SMS-based donation campaigns to spread the word about charities such as Comic Relief and saw an increased reach of around 25%.

2. Any Campaign with a QR Code Today customers frequently have a bad brand experience  on their mobile when they snap QR codes and are driven to content that doesn’t work on their device. Make sure all your campaigns with QR codes include MePlease links and you will guarantee a great customer journey on any device and, of course, the built-in seamless social media sharing and tracking that can increase the virality of your messages in one click. Right Guard used MePlease links to drive Facebook Likes at one of their Off-Guard Gigs.

QR Code for Bestival Promo



3. In-Location Promotions One of the best ways to use MePlease links is to engage customers when they are in your locations, at your concerts, or maybe thinking about buying your products. MePlease links seamlessly connect the physical and digital worlds so customers can easily opt-in on any device to join your mailing list, enter competitions, Like you on Facebook Belushi’s is using MePlease Join to get Freshers to opt into their VIP list.

Come back tomorrow for more ways and examples of how MePlease can add value to your digital marketing strategy and campaigns.

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Festival Competition Campaign with Right Guard Off Guard Gigs 2011

We’re excited to work with Right Guard with their Off Guard Gigs 2011 competition for free VIP and regular tickets to Bestival.

Bestival is an award-winning 3 day boutique music festival which runs from the 8th-11th September, 2011. Artists performing include The Cure, Bjork, Pendulum, DJ Harvey, DJ Wilson, Fatboy Slim, A Trak, Skillrex, Noah and the Whale, Katy B, James Blake, and so many more!

There are 18 stages of of live music, DJs, Rockstars, Popstars, and DIVAS Fancy Dress, Return of the Wishing Tree, Freakshows, Fireworks, Comedy and Sideshows new for 2011; the Roller Disco Ballroom field and the Swamp Shack.

This year, Off Guard Gigs 2011 will be holding competitions throughout the summer for people to win free festival tickets. They will be promoting this competition at LoveBox festival which is happening this weekend 15-18 July, 2011. MePlease will be helping Right Guard increase Join* for their campaign on Facebook, Twitter, QR, and YouTube. We’ll also ensure that any mobile device will have a mobile-friendly optimised experience so that no one will be left out with a bad mobile experience. During and after the campaign, we’ll be able to track the success of the campaign, including which channels were the most effective at engaging festival goers.

Don’t miss out on your chance to win VIP tickets to one of the best major festivals in the UK. Enter by clicking here http://mepls.com/lpxbMl. Competition closes end of August, 2011.


Message from our client:

At MEC we appreciate the fundamental importance of converging mobile and social consumer and brand behaviour-our clients ask us about it daily.
The existing technology can still be very ‘clunky’. MePlease however, solves this problem by enabling easy and accelerated social sharing functionality and capability which is simple and intuitive for customers to use and brands to take advantage of. We love what they do and believe it has far reaching implications across most of our client’s campaigns- at heart it’s a platform service driving a consumer friendly and dynamic process of integrated social comms. More immediately, MePlease is a key factor in RightGuard’s Lovebox Festival campaign this Friday – quite simply, this online, offline, real world consumer integration is an essential weapon in the social planning and execution armoury from now on!  Shane O’Byrne, Social Media Director, MEC

*Join is a MePlease product offering

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