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Will the real loyal shoppers please stand up? How to capture your holiday shoppers.

The National Retail Federation reports that 51.8% of U.S. consumers will be doing their holiday shopping online this year, up 5% from 2011 and the first time the annual survey has shown online shoppers as the majority.  The NRF based its findings on an early-October poll of approximately 9,000 consumers who plan to spend an average of $750 each on holiday goods and services.

Furthermore, mobile devices will play a strong supporting role in the online shopping surge. According to the survey, 52.9% of smartphone owners and 64.1% of tablet owners will use their devices to do research and make purchases. Shop.org forecasts that online holiday spending alone this year will amount to a whopping $92 to $96 billion.

Online word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends will no doubt make a big influence on consumer purchases and opt-ins into loyalty programs.

Are you recognizing and rewarding your most influential customers? Social Loyalty is now the way to go for retaining and engaging customers in and outside of brick and mortar.

Mark Fidelman recently wrote in Forbes online, the call for change have been happening for years; businesses that don’t move into the same venues where their customers spend the most time stand to lose out when it comes to opportunities to engage with and do business with them. Most businesses have heard all of this before: change now or fall behind.

This upcoming holiday season, treat your influential customers well. Surprise and delight them with relevant/personalized rewards. Leverage their online influence to acquire new customers and drive purchase frequency or brand advocacy. Thank them for tweeting and sharing about your brand or products with their social network.  Hey, you probably don’t even recognize which of your customers are already brand ambassadors. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Would you like to learn more about social loyalty? Send us an email at info@meplease.com to get in touch with a MePlease rep today.

Authored by: Griselda Zhou

About MePlease:  MePlease invented social loyalty to monetize social media. Our social loyalty platform grows and measures consumer engagement through social media, mobile and POS. It enables businesses to identify, track and reward consumers in new and delightful ways. At it’s heart, MePlease is about pleasing people by finding about more about what they like, what they buy, and who they share with so they can be rewarded in personal ways that inspire them to visit, spend and share more.

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