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Will the real loyal shoppers please stand up? How to capture your holiday shoppers.

The National Retail Federation reports that 51.8% of U.S. consumers will be doing their holiday shopping online this year, up 5% from 2011 and the first time the annual survey has shown online shoppers as the majority.  The NRF based its findings on an early-October poll of approximately 9,000 consumers who plan to spend an average of $750 each on holiday goods and services.

Furthermore, mobile devices will play a strong supporting role in the online shopping surge. According to the survey, 52.9% of smartphone owners and 64.1% of tablet owners will use their devices to do research and make purchases. Shop.org forecasts that online holiday spending alone this year will amount to a whopping $92 to $96 billion.

Online word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends will no doubt make a big influence on consumer purchases and opt-ins into loyalty programs.

Are you recognizing and rewarding your most influential customers? Social Loyalty is now the way to go for retaining and engaging customers in and outside of brick and mortar.

Mark Fidelman recently wrote in Forbes online, the call for change have been happening for years; businesses that don’t move into the same venues where their customers spend the most time stand to lose out when it comes to opportunities to engage with and do business with them. Most businesses have heard all of this before: change now or fall behind.

This upcoming holiday season, treat your influential customers well. Surprise and delight them with relevant/personalized rewards. Leverage their online influence to acquire new customers and drive purchase frequency or brand advocacy. Thank them for tweeting and sharing about your brand or products with their social network.  Hey, you probably don’t even recognize which of your customers are already brand ambassadors. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Would you like to learn more about social loyalty? Send us an email at info@meplease.com to get in touch with a MePlease rep today.

Authored by: Griselda Zhou

About MePlease:  MePlease invented social loyalty to monetize social media. Our social loyalty platform grows and measures consumer engagement through social media, mobile and POS. It enables businesses to identify, track and reward consumers in new and delightful ways. At it’s heart, MePlease is about pleasing people by finding about more about what they like, what they buy, and who they share with so they can be rewarded in personal ways that inspire them to visit, spend and share more.

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MePlease Comes to Silicon Valley Comes to the UK

Over at MePlease headquarters we’ve been even busier than usual by volunteering for Silicon Valley Comes to the UK. For those of you who are scratching their heads in confusion, SVC2UK is a not-for-profit, volunteer led series of events which are aimed at promoting business relationships between Silicon Valley and the UK and inspiring young people to recognise the value of entrepreneurship. Essentially, it celebrates something which is pretty near and dear to our hearts at MePlease so we just had to get involved!


For a fresh-faced intern like me, volunteering at SVC2UK was an eye-opening experience. One day, we’d be heading to Parliament to interview some MPs, the next popping up to Cambridge to film some seriously impressive CEOs, and then getting ready for the Jobs Fair. It was certainly a hectic and whirlwind experience but one that was extremely gratifying.


Sherry Coutu, member of MePlease Advisory Board

Sherry Coutu, member of MePlease Advisory Board speaking at SVC2UK

Amidst being star struck by the various entrepreneurs and furious typing of e-mails to other SVC2UK volunteers, as a volunteer it was sometimes easy to forget the real message of SVC2UK. That’s why, for me, assisting with one of the school talks that SVC2UK had organised was so inspiring. This particular talk was for sixth form students at an all-girls comprehensive in North London. There were four speakers in all: Ayah Bdeir, Sam Chaudhary, Alice Rathjen, and Joy Foster. Watching the reactions of the girls to their speeches which urged them to be creative, to work hard, and to never lose sight of their passion was really quite inspirational. They all seemed so engaged and excited about all these new possibilities that they hadn’t considered before. As a young woman myself, it was such a refreshing thing to see and I left that event proud of what everyone at SVC2UK had achieved already.


The SVC2UK Jobs Fair in Cambridge was another event which the Meplease team attended, armed with an awesome PowerPoint presentation and our winning smiles. While, at first, running after complete strangers to tell them how amazing your company is can be a little daunting, I got the hang of it. I may have even have gotten a little too zealous about how much I love interning with MePlease… Some people looked slightly alarmed by the crazed intern raving about the incredible experience, lovely team, rewarding work, Russell’s delicious baked treats… Oops, I’m doing it again.

Words by Sophie Mullen, Marketing intern at MePlease


Are you looking for a rewarding internship in social technology field? We welcome students or recent graduates to apply by sending us an email to jobs@meplease.com.

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Starbucks is Number 1

MePlease recently created an index to evaluate and rank brand’s social media performance. We ranked top brands, including our clients, within and across industries.

Our analysis show that Starbucks is number 1 by a significant margin.

What makes the MePlease index different to others is that we look deeper into social media presence and social media engagement across mobile and social platforms. We believe real value in social media lies beyond just audience reach and basic interaction.

For example, we found that Starbucks has a high brand post to fan engagement ratio. Starbucks has mastered being a consistent brand that is personable. Most of all, they produce relevant material that speaks to the consumer on an individual level. They are timely with their response times and encourage consumers to respond.


Are you interested in learning how your brand is doing against your competitors in social media? Contact us and we’ll be happy to conduct market and competitive analysis for your brand and within the industry.

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Congrats to Cancer Research UK and Starbucks on Social Brands 100 Awards!

The MePlease team would like to extend our congratulations to Cancer Research UK and Starbucks on being in the TOP 4 out the top 100 social brands identified for this year. We are really proud to be working with such great brands!

What is a social brand? According to Social Brand 100 Awards:

1. Win-Win Relationships

2. Active Listening

3. Appropriate Social Behaviour

Read the full report here.


Both brands have been excelling in social media in the last two years. Cancer Research UK is one of the top charities in the UK that has embraced social media. With the R UV Ugly campaign we’ve partnered on, Cancer Research UK achieved a very high response rate and redemption rate using MePlease smartlinks. They were able to successfully track redemption rates of vouchers and also used our live dashboards to analyse data and gain deep insight. They were able to track the success of the variety of marketing channels used and respond swiftly to adapt their marketing efforts to maximize return on investment. It was their first time using such advanced social technology (MePlease) for their campaigns and the results were very successful.

Interested in learning more? Leave comment below or send us an email.

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Attract Young Shoppers With Mobile Loyalty Schemes

Brand owners in the UK should consider using loyalty programmes as a way to engage young consumers, results from a new study from Marketing Week suggest. Out of 1000 adults, 100% respondents had joined at least one loyalty scheme in the past.

Younger participants more generally believed these programmes made them “feel closer” to brands, and 62% of 18-34 year wanted more loyalty schemes to be available. Just 37% of 55-64 year olds said the same. Securing rewards and making savings were the main reasons to take part in loyalty initiatives, but 29% of the panel cited being “part of a community” and 24% liked helping the firm in question.

A further 22% of contributors mentioned receiving exclusive updates and information, and 16% thought showing their affiliations in this way “says something about me”.

MePlease predicts that 2012 will be the year of loyalty and mobile. With our recent new partnerships using our Join Product, MePlease is able to help brands opt-in consumers into CRM systems from any device. Most importantly, brands such as Strada are able to identify customers on an individual level and extract data that will help build a strategy to encourage loyalty, frequency and ongoing-engagement. So far, Strada has an opt-in growth rate of 22% per week for their VIP program and a 20% sharing rate via social media.

In the UK and US, retailers are beginning to integrate mobile into marketing strategies, the next big step is to keep the customers coming back through mobile loyalty and VIP programs.

Steve Jarrett, founder of MePlease recently gave an interview on mobile, social, and loyalty for M & C Report Magazine – leading publication for the UK Retail and Leisure sector. You can read the article here.

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A Mobile Strategy for a Future


Searches from mobile devices account for 14% of Google’s traffic up from around 4% last year, underling the importance of having a mobile strategy.

Ian Carrington, the search engine’s director of mobile, told the Travolution Summit firms that do not have a mobile strategy do not have a future strategy. He said the year of the mobile came in 2008/09 following the launch of the iPhone 18 months earlier. Google itself first started building for mobile in 2010.

Google research has shown that more people are using mobile web than applications and although apps remain important firms had to take a more holistic approach to mobile.

Apps, he said are more about CRM whereas mobile web is more aimed at acquiring new customers.

“More people are using the mobile web than they are using applications but not a lot of people are thinking about it. Fifty per cent of people who start interacting with the web via a mobile phone start with a search. A lot of people are putting this off until tomorrow because they think it’s quite small.

“If you are not on mobile then your competitors will be. The way we see it is it’s better for us to cannibalise our own desk top business than for someone else to do it.”

Carrington said people expect to have a good experience on their mobiles and the advent of Near Field Communication (NFC) and the mobile wallet will only make their devices more personal.

Steve Jarrett, chief executive and founder of mobile and social media marketing platform MePlease said they will be people who will become unreachable outside of these channels. He said the extraordinary growth of devices like iPods and social networks like Facebook will affect all businesses.

Facebook has just extended its web applications to smartphones, meaning people will become ever more addicted to it as they have previously with television, Jarrett said. “It’s about one to many marketing but where the many groups are very carefully selected and sorted.

“You try to learn as much about those customers as you can so you can be sure the messages you are sending to the many channels are appropriate.”

Carrington said: “Decide what you want and flesh your solution out from there. A lot of people do not do their homework first.”

Jarrett added: “It’s about trying to widen the funnel at the top and get people to spend as much as possible at the bottom of the funnel.” However he admitted social and mobile made the job of attribution that much harder.

This blog is adapted from an original post by Travolution
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