Ten Ways to Use MePlease Part 2

In our last blog entry we discussed three ways in how MePlease smart links can help your marketing campaigns and messages be the start of a customer journey. We’ll be posting tips everyday, so come back often to read the latest.

4. On Packaging

Packaging is said to be more powerful than advertising as it has a far greater reach to your target market. Every package you create for your products can be the start of a great conversation with your customers. We’ve recently teamed up with Get Satisfaction (a customer community platform for support from brands) so your customers can connect directly to your product information as well as your product communities when they are interacting directly with your product packaging.

You can link your customers directly from your products to apps, videos, competitions and any other marketing campaigns you are running.

5. Within Your Apps

So you’ve created a fabulous iPhone app and/or maybe an Android app. What about the rest of your customers who have Blackberries, Nokia, or basic feature phone devices? MePlease links do what we call, ‘app  traffic control’.  This means you can use our links to identify exactly what device is clicking on a link and then deliver them the best experience possible on their device.  Let’s say, an iPhone app if they are using an iPhone, an Android app if they are using an Android, and a nicely branded experience for anybody with a phone that won’t render the app. This is partly why we call them ‘smart links’!

Our links were recently used for app traffic control in the launch of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie.

6.  Facebook Apps

If you are doing Facebook apps, or thinking about doing them, just remember that they don’t render on mobile. Add MePlease links to any Facebook app campaigns, and make sure that your customers don’t get an experience like this.

And why wouldn’t you want your campaigns to be easily sharable and trackable? We make it easy for you to deliver the best possible brand experience to your customers on their mobile, tablet or desktops.

Come back to our blog tomorrow to find out the remaining three ways to increase your ROI using MePlease smart links through any of your social channels.

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